19:17 Changeset [7833] by aivar
Still working on fitted images.
00:58 Changeset [7832] by aivar
Shows fitted images. Needs work & buggy.
00:57 Changeset [7831] by aivar
Shows fitted images. Needs work & buggy.


18:18 Changeset [7830] by aivar
Can now display selection of fitted images; buggy.


18:51 Changeset [7829] by aivar
FLIMImageFitter is coming along
14:20 Changeset [7828] by aivar
Working on the FittedImageManager that will build output fitted images.
04:15 Changeset [7827] by avivekan
Flow update. still testing…


20:12 Changeset [7826] by aivar
Deleted some junk.
20:09 Changeset [7825] by aivar
Misc work in progress
20:08 Changeset [7824] by aivar
Miscellaneous work in progress.
10:14 Changeset [7823] by paulbarber
Unnecessary define.


15:19 Changeset [7822] by curtis
Update to SezPoz 1.9 This matches the version we are using in ImageJ2.


20:58 Changeset [7821] by aivar
Experimented with MyFloatProcessor and DataColorizer2 to get IJ LUTs …


16:20 Changeset [7820] by mario
complete constructors initialize all class-members with sane defaults
16:14 Changeset [7819] by mario
sanity-check some buffer sizes, and use a bit faster readInt() method
16:07 Changeset [7818] by mario
use again a bit stricter types, and use const reference for some …
15:58 Changeset [7817] by mario
added in idea of exception handling between Java and C++ exec methods
15:38 Changeset [7816] by mario
significantly speed up socket writing by using byte-writer method …
15:13 Changeset [7815] by mario
added slightly improved debugging functions
15:04 Changeset [7814] by mario
use auto_ptr for an idea of memory management, and template print …
14:53 Changeset [7813] by mario
added a bit stricter types, and use const reference for strings (instead …
14:45 Changeset [7812] by mario
added minimal changes to compile on a POSIX like OS (mainly Linux)


19:57 Changeset [7811] by aivar
Got the new style fitting engine working. Bit of a hack; SLIMProcessor …
19:55 Changeset [7810] by aivar
Got rid of the idea of creating an ICurveFitter for each fit type (i.e. …
09:07 Changeset [7809] by paulbarber
Better comments on why the convolution is actually correct. Fixed one …


15:37 Changeset [7808] by mario
Exit JVMLinkServer in case of invalid command-line parameters
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