22:21 Changeset [7913] by curtis
Set parent.relativePath for subprojects properly
22:11 Changeset [7912] by curtis
Use newer version of scijava parent POM
22:08 Changeset [7911] by curtis
Ignore Eclipse metadata and target folder


19:44 Changeset [7910] by aivar
SLIM Plugin: Fixed cursor code bugs. Prompt cursors were not working at …
17:06 Changeset [7909] by curtis
Fix newlines in wiscscan-java POM
17:06 Changeset [7908] by curtis
Use scijava parent POM See:  http://github.com/scijava/scijava-common
17:06 Changeset [7907] by curtis
Change name of CIS from Hudson to Jenkins
17:06 Changeset [7906] by curtis
Generalize comment about project parent
17:06 Changeset [7905] by curtis
Change base POM name to pom-loci This is more consistent with imagej2, …


19:12 Changeset [7904] by aivar
SLIM Plugin: Rewrite of cursor code, tidy up UI and code. In progress.


20:28 Changeset [7903] by aivar
SLIM Plugin: Changing start/stop bin integers to time value doubles to …
20:26 Changeset [7902] by aivar
SLIM Plugin: Tweak to agree with TRI2.
20:24 Changeset [7901] by aivar
SLIM Curve: Work in progress; tweak to agree with TRI2.
19:05 Ticket #673 (Remove transitive dependencies from the cppwrap-maven-plugin POM) created by melissa
See the note in r7896. The addition of dependencies upon Jace and …
13:04 Changeset [7900] by curtis
Fix whitespace
12:26 Changeset [7899] by melissa
Really fix how the artifact lists are built for Maven 2 and 3 r7896
11:07 Changeset [7898] by melissa
Downgrade version of Jace used by cppwrap Jace r61 has some oddities such …
10:30 Changeset [7897] by kbriney
Fixed FileName attribute of UUID tag so that it gives only the file name …
10:27 Changeset [7896] by melissa
Fix cppwrap-maven-plugin to work with Maven 3 We now iterate over all of …


16:27 Changeset [7895] by fong
09:46 Changeset [7894] by kbriney
Updated dependencies so that injector can call PrairieReader (or other …


02:11 Changeset [7893] by avivekan
small bugfix


20:34 Changeset [7892] by aivar
SLIM Plugin: Work in progress; make sure fits agree with TRI2.
20:33 Changeset [7891] by aivar
SLIM Plugin: Fit start and stop and the new estimate start got moved from …


14:10 Changeset [7890] by kbriney
Fixed validation errors in UUID assignment. Fixed indexing in "FirstC", …


10:17 Ticket #672 (SLIM Curve/SLIM Plugin add parameter constraints) created by aivar
Add a "Limits" or "Constraints" button to the parameters displayed in the …
10:12 Ticket #665 (Provide Histogram tool for SLIM Plugin) closed by aivar
09:55 Changeset [7889] by aivar
Fixed some channel bugs; started Estimator.
09:55 Changeset [7888] by aivar
Fixed some channel bugs; started Estimator.


19:08 Changeset [7887] by aivar
SLIM Plugin: Got multiple channel fitting working.


15:44 Ticket #671 (SLIM Plugin: fix display plugin concept) created by aivar
Find a better way to initiate SLIM Plugin. The IJ2 display plugin concept …
15:34 Ticket #670 (SLIM Plugin: Clean up UI) created by aivar
The main UI panel needs some work. I did try to simplify by presenting the …
15:29 Ticket #669 (SLIM Curve/SLIM Plugin: Add additional TRI2 fitting capabilities) created by aivar
SLIMCurve currently includes code for global fitting, phasor fitting, and …
15:19 Ticket #668 (Package SLIM Plugin release) created by aivar
Build SLIMCurve on all supported native platforms and push to Maven. Clean …
15:08 Ticket #667 (Create multi-platform version of SLIM Plugin) created by aivar
Create and load dynamic native code libraries for all target platforms.
15:05 Ticket #666 (SLIM Curve: Fix GCI_marquardt_estimate_errors) created by aivar
Re-enable the GCI_marquardt_estimate_errors function in SLIMCurve, which …
10:53 Ticket #665 (Provide Histogram tool for SLIM Plugin) created by aivar
An important tool for FLIM image analysis is having a Histogram tool that …
10:38 Ticket #664 (SLIM Plugin: Fitting engine rework) created by aivar
Rearchitecture of the fitting engine: i) Allow multithreading ii) Provide …
10:15 Ticket #655 (Import ecf global curve library) closed by aivar
fixed: The ECF curve library is now part of SLIM Curve and in the LOCI SVN.


20:22 Changeset [7886] by aivar
SLIMPlugin: Tidied up a bit. Fixed minor bugs in decay graph, histogram, …
12:39 Changeset [7885] by kbriney
Fixed bug in 3rd regex group in prairie injector
12:22 Changeset [7884] by curtis
Extract planar indices from filename using a regex
11:58 Changeset [7883] by curtis
Add initial version of Prairie OME injection logic Code is still in …
11:43 Changeset [7882] by curtis
Add comment reminding to fix issue with Maven 3.x
11:42 Changeset [7881] by curtis
Add skeleton for Prairie OME-TIFF conversion tool
11:42 Changeset [7880] by curtis
Use 4.4-SNAPSHOT for version of Bio-Formats JARs
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