17:05 Ticket #726 (Save histogram data) created by aivar
Need a way to save histogram data for later comparison. Exporting the …
17:01 Ticket #725 (Add higher amounts of binning) created by aivar
Binning is currently 3x3, 5x5, and 7x7. Should have 9x9 and 11x11.
16:59 Ticket #724 (Show tau mean fitted images) created by aivar
Show tau mean, which is defined as: Tm = F1 * T1 + F2 * T2 where F1 = A1 …
16:57 Ticket #723 (Can't open two lifetime images at once) created by aivar
Due to use of singletons, SP can't open multiple images. Moved to …
16:03 Ticket #722 (Histogram tool needs to automatically zoom in) created by aivar
When manually adjusting the range of the displayed LUT you can drag the …
13:45 Ticket #721 (Inconsistencies when masking fitted images) created by aivar
When masking pixels from the histogram these hidden pixels turn black in …
13:41 Ticket #720 (Problems with gpl1.sdt) closed by aivar
13:41 Ticket #720 (Problems with gpl1.sdt) created by aivar
This .sdt file has a metadata tag "MeasureInfo.incr" set to 10. This …


19:23 Ticket #698 (TRI2 and SLIM Plugin prompt cursors differ) closed by aivar


10:11 Ticket #689 (Ability to Mask from histogram - change non-included pixels to 0) closed by aivar
fixed: Pixels below and above the LUT range are colored black now, so this kind …


21:54 Ticket #719 (Get NetID authentication working for Microscopy web site) created by curtis
It would be nice to allow users to log in to the Microscopy site using …
21:46 Ticket #716 (Fitting with a prompt gives bad results.) closed by aivar
21:46 Ticket #714 (Stretched exponential graph is wrong) closed by aivar
fixed: Graph looks good now.
15:03 Ticket #718 (Problems with some SDT files) created by aivar
User reported "When loading a .sdt file into the SLIM-plugin the file will …


17:42 Ticket #717 (Can't fix parameters) closed by aivar
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