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    1010 * A lot of the config files need updating anyway, so now might be an OK time to change the config file format to something a bit more readable.  What we have now is fine for files with one series, but for big plates it gets to be a bit unwieldy.  Something either XML- or INI-based might be easier to work with. 
    1111 * Also, it would be nice to be able to opt out of specific tests in the config files.  E.g. OME-XML sanity tests are sometimes expected to fail, so it would be better to just skip the test rather than reporting it as failed and having to re-investigate the failure every time. 
     12 * Also also, it would be nice to be able to test metadata beyond core metadata (so we'd need to be able to define this metadata in the config file).  Physical sizes, channel names, and various Instrument/Detector/Laser linkages in particular would be good to test. 
    1213 * Experiment with migrating the data-driven tests to JUnit (see also #498). 
    1314 * If a test fails because setId failed, then we should skip all subsequent tests for that file.